I T A ' 9 6
Forth International Conference
May, 12-22, 1996
Troyan & Sofia, Bulgaria

ITA '96 has been organised by

International Journal of Information Theories and Applications
International Journal of Intelligent Control, Neurocomputing and Fuzzy Logic
Ministry of Defence, Bulgaria
IDG-Technika Communication Ltd.,
PC&MAC World/Bulgaria
Simo Lazarov and Synthi "AVB"
Association ACMBUL: Bulgarian Division of ACM
Association of Developers and Users of Computer Education Programs, Russia
Association of Developers and Users of Intellectualised Systems, Ukraine
Bulgarian Society of Computer Art
ISAI: International Instrument Society of America
Far-Eastern Division of Conflict Resolution Network, Australia
International Informatization Academy, Astrakhan Regional Branch
IWG DBI: International Work Group of Data Base Intellectualisation
Union of the Automatics and Informatics, Bulgaria
Union of the Scientists of Bulgaria, Department of Informatics
Astrakhan State Technical University, Russia
Polytechnic of Bialostock, Poland
Sofia University, Faculty of Economics and Business Administration
Technical University - Sofia, Institute of Applied Mathematics & Informatics
Varna University of Economics
ITHEA - FOI Institute of Information Theories and Applications
Institute for Applied Informatics, UAS
Institute for Information Technologies, BAS
Institute of Artificial Intelligence, UAS
Institute of Informatics and Automation, RAS
Institute of Mathematics and Informatics, BAS
National Laboratory of Computer Virology,  BAS

ITA '96 General Sponsors

IDG - Technika Communications

Program Committee

General Chairman: Markov K., Bulgaria
Program Board Chairman: Gladun V., Ukraine
Program Board Secretary: Kirkova R., Bulgaria
Organisation Board Head: Ivanova K., Bulgaria
Organisation Board Secretary: Pargov D., Bulgaria
Philosophy & Methodology Forum Chairman: Shishkov D., Bulgaria
Informatics & Business Forum Chairman: Hinova T., Bulgaria
Computer Music Forum Chairman:  Lazarov S., Bulgaria
Workshop-1 Chairman: Barnev P., Bulgaria
Workshop-2 Chairman: Sgurev V., Bulgaria
Workshop-3 Chairman: Timofeyev A., Russia
Workshop-4 Chairman: Stognii A., Ukraine
Workshop-5 Chairman: Vashchenko N., Ukraine
Workshop-6 Chairman: Stoikov P., Bulgaria
Workshop-7 Chairman: Pavlov R., Bulgaria
Workshop-8 Chairman:Sendova E., Bulgaria

ITA '96 was composed by

International Scientific Conference 12 - 22.05.1996
International Workshops on:
   1: General Information Theory 14.05.1996, Troyan
   2: Intelligent Systems & Decision Making 15.05.1996, Troyan
   3: Neurocomputing 16.05.1996, Troyan
   4: Information-Analytical Support of the IT Market 18.05.1996, Sofia
   5: Informatics & Government 19.05.1996, Sofia
   6: Informatics & Modern Army 20.05.1996, Sofia
   7: Real World Computing - New Direction in NLP 21.05.1996, Sofia
   8: Informatics in Education 22.05.1996, Sofia
International Forums on:
   Philosophy & Methodology of Informatics 14-16.05.1996, Troyan
   Informatics & Business 18.05.1996, Sofia
   Computer Music 19.05.1996, Sofia

ITA '96 major topics:

  General Information Theory
  Philosophy and Methodology of Informatics
  Abstract Information Models
  Theory of Computation
  Cognitive Models
  Knowledge Discovery
  Knowledge Acquisition and Formation
  Distributed Artificial Intelligence
  Models of Plausible Reasoning
  Cognitive Graphics
  Natural Language Processing
  Information Models of Business Activities
  Statistical Methods
  Software Engineering and Quality of the Programs

  Hyper Technologies
  Object and Cell Oriented Programming
  Information Systems
  Pyramidal Information Systems
  Intelligent Information Systems
  Very Large Information Systems
  Multimedia Systems
  Business Information Systems
  Graphics Systems
  Communication Systems
  Statistical Systems
  Special Applied Systems
  Visual Computer Art and Computer Music

ITA '96 official languages: English and Russian.