ISSI 2016

X-th International Summer School on


July 04 - July 15, 2015, Varna (Bulgaria)

Aims and Scope

The Summer School of informatics is devoted to discussion of current researches, applications and education regarding the basic directions of information technologies, and business informatics:

Theoretical Foundations of Informatics: Conceptions, Modern approaches of Software Development, and Advanced Information Technologies;

Tools and Applications: Tools for Information Modeling, Applied Systems for Information Service, Information Access Methods and Collaboration Tools, Information Security and Reliability, New customer engagement models enabled by Informatics Tools;

Informatics of/in Education (IE): IE Conceptions, including relation to other/traditional fields of study, Computer Aided IE, Methodology of IE.


Steering Committee

Elena Chebanyuk (Ukraine)
Evgeny Eremin (Russia)
Juan Castellanos (Spain)
Koen Vanhoof (Belgium)
Krassimir Markov (Bulgaria)
Levon Aslanyan (Armenia)
Lyudmila Kirichenko (Ukraine)
Lyudmila Lyadova (Russia)
Luis Fernando de Mingo (Spain)
Natalia Ivanova (Russia)
Olexii Voloshyn (Ukraine)
Stoyan Poryazov (Bulgaria)


The official languages of the Summer School are English and Russian.  


Current Workshops:


Workshop on Software Engineering

Chair: Elena Chebanyuk, National Aviation University, Kyiv, Ukraine

The workshop is supported by: ITHEA Software Engineering Forum

ISSI Software engineering workshop general topics

― Theoretical aspects of Software Engineering;
― Tools, techniques, algorithms and methods for management software development life cycle;
― Software Applications and Development. Theme of the software engineering lecture in the 2016 year:
― Markets of mobile applications and engines. Benefits of mobile development.

Lecture summary:

― Distribution and licensing policies of mobile engines and applications.
― Tendencies of popular mobile applications.
― Main features of Unity for designing mobile applications.

The Lecture considers:

― code licensing policies;
― mechanism of earning with mobile markets;
― peculiarities of game development process;
― psychology of mobile applications user;
― rendering graphical pipeline;
― main features of Game Engine Unity 5.xx.xx (Distribution Unity packages, UI System, Cameras, Scripting and Unity Events, Collision processing and etc.)

Lecture keywords:

Google market, Mobile application, Adventure, GNU General Public License, MIT/X11, Rendering pipeline,
Game camera, Collisions, Events, Unity Asset, Unity Package, 3D project, Game physics, MonoBehavior, Sprite animation.


Workshop on Digital Business & Digital Innovation

Chair: Natalia Ivanova, National Transport University, St. Petersburg, Russia

The business world and business environment are changing dramatically every year due to competition which became stronger and global. Using of Digital mobile devices (smartphones, tablets, and wearable devices), Internet access and cloud services, big data and information demands to transform business process and approaches in companies.

The goal of Workshop is to show of the Digital Innovation for searching and development of new business areas, enhancing the operational efficiency of business due to digital transformation and innovational technologies.

ISSI Workshop on Digital Business & Digital Innovation topics:

― The Century of Digital Services&Business and Innovation;
― Digital Transformation (transformation business processes and models);
― Digital Advetising & Marketing;
― Big Data &Data Center (technologies and trends for development);
― Digital Innovation in Business;
― Digital Innovation in Training and Education;
― Psychological issues of Digital Business;
― Information Security of Digital Business.



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