TFIM 2014

 Fourth International Conference

Theoretical Foundations of Informational Modeling

July 02 - 10, 2014, Varna (Bulgaria)

Hotel "Sirius" in the resort St. Constantine & Helena.


Aims and Scope

The conference objective is to present and discuss current achievement in the fields of the Theoretical Fondations of Informational Modelling.

The basic objective of the conference is the formulation and analysis of adequate theories and paradigms for the description and solution of practical problems based on the understanding of their underlying informational and mathematical structure.

Topics of interest

Topics of interest inlude but are not limited to:
- Information Structures and Theories;
- Mathematical Structures and Theories;
- Philosopical Foundationa of Informational Modeling;
- Methods and Tools for Informational Modeling.

Program committee

Krassimir Atanasov (Bulgaria)
Levon Aslanyan (Armenia)
Stoyan Poryazov (Bulgaria)
Krassimir Markov (Bulgaria)

Alexander Palagin (Ukraine)
Alexey Petrovskiy (Russia)
Alexey Voloshin (Ukraine)
Dmitro Buy (Ukraine)
Elena Zamyatina (Russia)
Ekaterina Detcheva (Bulgaria)
Emil Molnár (Hungary)
Emiliya Saranova (Bulgaria)
Gurgen Khachatryan (Armenia)
Hasmik Sahakyan (Armenia)
Ivan Tsitovich (Russia)
Juan Castellanos (Spain)
Jordan Tabov (Bulgaria)
Koen Vanhoof (Belgium)
Krassimira Ivanova (Bulgaria)
Leonid Hulyanitskiy (Ukraine)
Liudmila Cheremisinova (Belarus)
Liudmila Lyadova (Russia)
Mikhail Alexandrov (Russia)
Natalia Pankratova (Ukraine)
Ognyan Kounchev (Bulgaria)
Sergey Krivii (Ukraine)
Sisir Roi (India)
Ventzeslav Valev (USA)
Vitalii Velychko (Ukraine)
Volodimir Donchenko (Ukraine)
Yevgeniy Bodyanskiy (Ukraine)


The official languages of the conference are English and Russian.

Papers and Fees

To submit a paper use the ITHEA ISS Submission Web System:
To see the deadlines, fees and rules for preparing the papers please click here.