IM 2013

Second International Conference

Informational Modelling

July 08-09, 2013, Varna (Bulgaria)

Supported by
International Journal "Information Theories and Applications"®
International Journal "Information Technologies and Knowledge"®

General sponsor: FOI Bulgaria

Conference organizers

- ITHEA International Scientific Society
- Institute of Mathematics and Informatics, BAS (Bulgaria)
- Institute of Information Theories and Applications FOI ITHEA (Bulgaria)
- V.M.Glushkov Institute of Cybernetics of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine
- Association of Developers and Users of Intelligent Systems(Ukraine)
- Federation of the Scientific - Engineering Unions /FNTS/ (Bulgaria).

Aims and Scope

The conference is devoted to the current research in the fields of concepts, methods, languages and tools of Informational Modelling and Simulation and its applications.
The aim of the Conference is exchange the ideas and expertise among experts in industry, research and education and not formal coordination of their efforts respecting Information Society challenges.

Topics of the conference

1. Informational Modeling (IM) and Simulation (IM&S) Concepts, Paradigms, Approaches and Languages Developments.

• Modeling and Simulation (M&S) Body of Knowledge.
• Knowledge Based IM&S. IM&S languages.
• M&S Heterogeneous Structures and Scalability. High Level Architecture (HLA), Agent Based IM&S.

2. IM&S Efficiency Enhancements.

• Methods for Efficiency Estimation, Comparison and Enhancement. Cooperative, Parallel and Distributed IM&S Efficiency.
• Accuracy enhancement and simulation speeding; Simulation Experiments Design.
• Real and IM&S Information Storage and Transmission Formats; Data Analysis and Comparison Methods; Data Mining.
• Dynamic Adaptation and Personalization of the Human–Computer–Model Interaction.

3. IM&S Efficacy Estimation and Life Cycle Management

• Meta-modeling; Econometrical Meta-Models; M&S Efficacy Indicators.
• M&S Detailness and Life Cycle Optimization in respect of Designed Product Life Cycle Management. Emergency Cases.
• Methods for Verification and Validation in IM&S Life Cycle.

4. IM&S Application Development Methods and Best Practices in Industry, Education and Science.

• IM&S Impact in Industry
• IM&S in Science and Technology (S&T). Specifics in Information and Communication S&T.
• IM&S in and for Education
• IM&S in Knowledge Market & Business Informatics.

Steering Committee

Stoyan Poryazov (Bulgaria)
Krassimir Markov (Bulgaria)

Program Committee

Alexander Palagin (Ukraine)
Alexey Voloshin (Ukraine)
Anatolij Kornienko (Russia)
Anatoliy Krissilov (Ukraine)
Benoa Depaire (Belgium)
Elena Zamyatina (Russia)
Galina Gaivoronskaya(Ukraine)
Gurgen Khachatryan (Armenia)
Hasmik Sahakyan (Armenia)
Igor Galeluka (Ukraine)
Ivan Ganchev (Ireland)
Ivan Tsitovich (Russia)
Krassimra B. Ivanova (Bulgaria)
Koen Vanhoof (Belgium)
Leonid Hulyanitsliy (Ukraine)
Levon Aslanyan (Armenia)
Liudmila Lyadova (Russia)
Natalia Ivanova (Russia)
Natalia Kussul (Ukraine)
Natalia Pankratova (Ukraine)
Olga Kalynychenko (Ukraine)
Tamila Titova (Russia)
Vira Golyan (Ukraine)
Vitalii Velychko (Ukraine)
Vitalii Vishnevskiy (Ukraine)
Vladimir Romanov (Ukraine)
Vladimir Shelestov (Ukraine)
Yrii Zaichenko (Ukraine)


The official languages of the Conference are English and Russian .

Papers and Fees

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