KDS 2007

Thirteenth International Conference


June 18 - 25, 2007, Varna (Bulgaria)


The Conference continues the series of annual international KDS events organized by
Association of Developers and Users of Intelligent Systems (ADUIS)

Supported by
The International Journal "Information Theories and Applications"
The International Journal "Information Technologies and Knowledge"

General sponsor: FOI Bulgaria

Conference organizers

- National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine
- Association of Developers and Users of Intelligent Systems(Ukraine)
- V.M.Glushkov Institute of Cybernetics of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine
- Institute of Information Theories and Applications FOI ITHEA (Bulgaria)
- Institute of Mathematics and Informatics, BAS (Bulgaria)
- Institute of Mathematics of SD RAN (Russia)

Topics of the conference

The conference is traditionally devoted to discussion of current research and applications regarding three basic directions of intelligent systems development: Knowledge Processing, Natural Language Interface, and Decision Making.

Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery
Decision Making
Informatization of scientific research
Intelligent NL Text Processing
Intelligent Robots
Intelligent Technologies in Control and Design
Knowledge-based Society
Knowledge Engineering
Logical Inference
Machine Learning
Multi-agent Structures and Systems
Neural and Growing Networks
Philosophy and Methodology of Informatics
Planning and Scheduling
Problems of Computer Intellectualization

Program Committee

Victor Gladun (Ukraine)
Alexey Voloshin (Ukraine)
Krassimir Markov (Bulgaria)

Boris Fedunov (Russia)
Frank Brown (USA)
Vladimir Donskoy (Ukraine)
Alexander Eremeev (Russia)
Natalia Filatova (Russia)
Constantine Gaindric (Moldova)
Tatyana Gavrilova (Russia)
Krassimira Ivanova (Bulgaria)
Vladimir Jotsov (Bulgaria)
Julia Kapitonova (Ukraine)
Vladimir Donchenko (Ukraine)
Vladimir Khoroshevsky (Russia)
Rumyana Kirkova (Bulgaria)
Nadezhda Kiseleyova (Russia)
Alexander Kleshchev (Russia)
Oleg Kuznetsov (Russia)
Vladimir Lovitskii (GB)
Vitaliy Lozovskiy (Ukraine)
Natalia Kussul (Ukraine)
Nadezhda Mishchenko (Ukraine)
Ilia Mitov (Bulgaria)
Xenia Naidenova (Russia)
Olga Nevzorova (Russia)
Genady Osipov (Russia)
Alexander Palagin (Ukraine)
Vladimir Pasechnik (Ukraine)
Zinoviy Rabinovich (Ukraine)
Alexander Reznik (Ukraine)
Vladimir Ryazanov (Russia)
Galina Rybina (Russia)
Vasil Sgurev (Bulgaria)
Vladislav Shelepov (Ukraine)
Anatoly Shevchenko (Ukraine)
Ekaterina Solovyova (Ukraine)
Vadim Stefanuk (Russia)
Tatyana Taran (Ukraine)
Valery Tarasov (Russia)
Adil Timofeev (Russia)
Vadim Vagin (Russia)
Jury Valkman (Ukraine)
Neonila Vashchenko (Ukraine)
Stanislav Wrycza (Poland)
Nikolay Zagoruiko (Russia)
Jury Zaichenko (Ukraine)
Arkady Zakrevskij (Belarus)


The official languages of the Conference are Russian and English.
Preffered language at the conference time is Russian.

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